Between January and June 2015 we turned a large space in central Eastbourne into affordable artist studios, including a project space and a residency space. More than just working spaces, we aimed to create a platform for fostering collaboration, encouraging mutual support,  and the cross-pollination of ideas across artistic disciplines. It was good while it lasted: see below and in the 'residencies' and 'events' section. We have since been looking for another suitable building, although we have had no luck so far.


News - June 2016

Unfortunately, still no sign of any suitable, as well as affordable, buildings in Eastbourne .

News - June 2015

We have now moved out of our temporary space on Commercial Road, but we are looking at other buildings so do get in touch if you need a workspace.

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Claire Shoosmith

Claire Shoosmith has worked with performance, installation, film and photography since gaining a degree in sculpture from Central St. Martins and an
MA in photography from the Royal College of Art. Much of her work has investigated how we negotiate and make sense of specific environments, in particular examining our communication with and behaviour towards others, and so looking at the choreography of human interaction.


Mike Newman

Mike Newman is an artist living and working from Eastbourne and currently work as an Art technician for the Towner and other galleries. He enjoys creativity in many formats and enjoy playing with the function of art.

Karen Bishop

Karen Bishop studied Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art and Design.


Nikki Davidson-Bowman

A multi media artist,
Nikki Davidson-Bowman's practice evolves through
playful experimentation, collecting, cutting, making, analysing, laughing, destroying, remaking, measuring, reanalysing, thinking and removing.  It is obsessive, meticulous and laborious.

The work considers an ambiguous relationship with storytelling and the autobiographical, challenging what its fact and what is fiction, trying to provide some order out of chaos, be that externally or within.

STUDIO ARTISTS January-June 2015